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Apollo 13 [Pt II] (The Journey Home)

8 thoughts on “ Apollo 13 [Pt II] (The Journey Home)

  1. Apr 17,  · Apollo 13, a U.S. lunar spacecraft that suffered a severe malfunction on its journey to the moon, safely returns to Earth, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. All three astronauts survived.
  2. Apr 17,  · When the Apollo 13 oxygen tank blew, the first step was to calculate the distance between earth and the point in the spaceship's journey when critical resources would run out.
  3. Apr 17,  · Apollo 13's mission commander, Jim Lovell, was 42 years old and was, at that time, the NASA astronaut with the most time in space - hours. He has flown in three missions - Gemini 7 and 12 and Apollo 8. The command module pilot, Jack Swigert, was 38 years old and Fred Haise, the lunar module pilot was 35 years old.
  4. Apr 13,  · For nearly 56 hours after the Apollo 13 mission launched on April 11, , it looked to be the smoothest flight of NASA’s Apollo program so far.. The spacecraft ferrying astronauts Jim Lovell.
  5. Apollo 13 was the 3rd attempt to land humans on the Moon and the 1st to fail. Fifty-six hours into the mission, when the crew was more than , kilometers (, miles) from Earth, an explosion within the Apollo Service Module's oxygen tank disabled the primary spacecraft, forcing the crew to take shelter in the attached Lunar Module.
  6. This added km ( miles) per hour to Apollo 13’s velocity, thereby cutting by 10 hours the length of the homeward journey and ensuring a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean south of Samoa. On board the spacecraft, oxygen stores remained sufficient, as did cooling water.
  7. Jun 03,  · Apollo 13 () PG min - Drama, History - 30 June The true story of technical troubles that scuttle the Apollo 13 lunar mission in , risking the lives of astronaut Jim Lovell and his crew, with the failed journey turning into a thrilling saga of heroism.
  8. Dec 18,  · The Apollo 13 sections in particular give a real sense of being there alongside Lovell, Haise and Swigert. You can imagine yourself floating alongside them as they try to figure out the way home. My only complaint is that I wanted the book to delve more into the technical details, much of the dialog is pulled directly from the NASA transcripts.

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